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Gossamer most commonly refers to:

Gossamer may also refer to:




  • The Gossamer Years, an English title for the Japanese classical work of literature Kagerō Nikki
  • Gossamer (novel), a 2006 novel by Lois Lowry
  • Gossamer, a 1995 short story by Stephen Baxter in his collection Vacuum Diagrams and The Hard SF Renaissance anthology



  • "Gossamer", a song by The Smashing Pumpkins from the tour for Zeitgeist but not released on the album
  • "The Gossamer Strand", an instrumental song by Deadsoul Tribe from the album A Lullaby for the Devil
  • "Gossamer Thread", a song by David Gray from the album Foundling
  • "Gossamer Thin", a song by Conor Oberst from the albums Ruminations, and also Salutations
  • "Gossamer Witchcraft", a song by Blackthorn from the album Gossamer Witchcraft
  • "From the Gossamer", a song by Sadistik from the album Haunted Gardens
  • "Gossamer Girls", a song by Gossamer Girls from the compilation "What a time to be alive", compiled by Black Country, New Road



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