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A Journeyman is a tradesman or craftsman who has completed an apprenticeship, but is not yet a Master tradesman.

Journeyman may also refer to:

TV and games[edit]



  • Journeyman (album), a 1989 album by Eric Clapton
  • The Journeymen, a folk music trio of John Phillips, Scott McKenzie and Dick Weissman
  • "Journeyman", recording name of Paul Frankland (a.k.a. Woob) and Colin Waterton
  • Journey, Man!, a 1996 album by trumpeter Jack Walrath


  • "Journeyman", a song from Jethro Tull's 1978 album Heavy Horses
  • "Journeyman", a song from Praying Mantis' 1993 album A Cry for the New World
  • "Journeyman", a song from Iron Maiden's 2003 album Dance of Death
  • "Journeyman", a song from Amon Tobin's 2011 album ISAM
  • "Journeyman", a song from Blackmore's Night's 2012 album A Knight In York
  • "Journey Man", a song from Korpiklaani's 2005 album Voice of Wilderness

Other uses[edit]

  • Journeyman (boxing), a fighter who has adequate boxing skill, but does not have the caliber of a contender or gatekeeper
  • Journeyman (sports), an athlete or professional sports player who is technically competent, but unable to excel or one who plays for many different teams over the course of a career
  • Journeyman quarterback, in professional American football, is a quarterback who plays short stints for several teams over a career.
  • Journeyman, a 1935 novel by Erskine Caldwell