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Query... is Robert Walker a Wikipedian, in which case this needs to be transferred to a user page, or someone doing a little self-publicity? If the second, then does it have a valid reason for being in the pedia? ~ KJ

Looks like a user's page to me -- it should probably be moved to reflect this. --maveric149

11. Robert Walker (VIII) (Actor, Three Sisters (1970)) 12. Robert Walker (VI) (Miscellaneous Crew, Indiscreet (1958)) 13. Robert Walker (XII) (Miscellaneous Crew, Sands of Iwo Jima (1949)) 14. Robert Walker (III) (Actor, Heated Vengeance (1985)) 15. Robert Walker (XIII) (Miscellaneous Crew, Dolphins (2000)) 16. Robert Walker (XV) (Miscellaneous Crew, Silent Cradle (1997)) 17. Robert Walker (XIV) (Miscellaneous Crew, Pardon My French (1952))