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It's my understanding that not all eggs are equal risk for salmonella -- that it is largely a symptom of unsanitary factory farm conditions. At least one brand of organic, free-range eggs advertises the fact that their hens have never had the disease. --FOo

salmonella is present pretty much everywhere. It is a matter of concentration and strength of the body if it gets ill. Many RAF follow the belief that eggs that has not been frozen nor cooked, would get stinky if they have too much salmonella. This is also part of their necessity to eat absolutely non frozen eggs. Viceversa, eggs (and meat) that has been frozen or cooked, and then left for some time out give the biggest risk of carrying salmonella. Partially because salmonella multiplies in such environment (but don't ask me why, I don't know), and partially because the eggs and meat would not stink anymore so much, thus the human eater would not be alerted. All this is explained in Aajonus Vonderplanitz book We want to live.

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