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East Sydney
Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeEast Sydney, New South Wales

The Division of East Sydney was an Australian Electoral Division in New South Wales. The division was created in 1900 and was one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first federal election.[1] It was abolished in 1969.[1] It was named for the suburb of East Sydney. It was located in the inner eastern suburbs of Sydney, including Darlinghurst, Paddington, Redfern, Surry Hills and Waverley.[1] After 1910 East Sydney was usually a safe seat for the Australian Labor Party. In the 1930s it was a stronghold of Lang Labor. Its most prominent members were Sir George Reid, who was Prime Minister of Australia in 1904-05, and Eddie Ward, a long-serving Labor member and Cabinet minister.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  George Reid crop.jpg George Reid
Free Trade 29 March 1901
Previously held the New South Wales Legislative Assembly seat of Sydney-King. Served as Opposition Leader from 1901 to 1904, and from 1905 to 1908. Served as Prime Minister from 1904 to 1905. Resigned in order to become the High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. Later elected to the British House of Commons seat of St George's, Hanover Square in 1916
  Anti-Socialist 1906 –
26 May 1909
  Commonwealth Liberal 26 May 1909 –
24 December 1909
  John Edward West.jpg John West
Labor 13 April 1910
5 February 1931
Died in office
  Eddie Ward (cropped).jpg Eddie Ward
Labor 7 March 1931
27 March 1931
Lost seat
  Labor (NSW) 27 March 1931
19 December 1931
  John Clasby.jpg John Clasby
United Australia 19 December 1931
15 January 1932
Died in office
  Eddie Ward 1941 (cropped).jpg Eddie Ward
Labor (NSW) 6 February 1932
February 1936
Served as minister under Curtin, Forde and Chifley. Died in office
  Labor February 1936 –
31 July 1963
  LenDevine1963.jpg Len Devine
Labor 28 September 1963
29 September 1969
Retired after East Sydney was abolished in 1969

Election results[edit]


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Coordinates: 33°51′00″S 151°12′00″E / 33.8500°S 151.2000°E / -33.8500; 151.2000