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Well! - it is finally here. Not as if lots of people were holding their breaths for it.

It is funny how incomplete it is at the moment, but I'll add more. I just wanted to get it up. Please add anything that any of you happen to know, in the meantime.

Nabarry 02:26, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

I'm going to put here all the information I find so that I can look at it all in one place. Then I'll try to work it all in as I go along. Please feel free to dive in. You can just delete stuff that gets worked into the article.
  • Deep sea dwellers (tolweb, dal)
  • Fins are primary mode of propulsion - uses no jet propulsion (tolweb);
  • Web between arms (tolweb, dal)
  • Cirri on arms (tolweb, dal) - "hair-like structures" (earlham)
  • Should mention the coolest of all Cirrina: Vampyromorpha. Cannot change color as quickly as other ceph's can. No ink sac's; instead they squirt out glowing particles! (earlham)
Wow, there is really a dearth of info on these guys on the net. Every page I see either mentions the name and doesn't include anything else, or quotes Voss (1988): "soft-bodied, semigelatinous animals with a pair of small to large fins, a deep and sometimes complicated web and a relatively large, single internal shell."
I may actually have to resort to reading something offline. Bother!
Please let me know if you have any information, or if you know anyone who does.
Nabarry 06:25, 2 May 2005 (UTC)