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Wouldn't it be better to have someone translate the article of the japanese wikipedia than to rewrite one here? Just an idea. S Sepp

It's quite unlikely that somebody would be willing to do that. Sure, we could look around, but the possibility is slim. What I intend to do is something along the lines of Children of Bodom. Dig up slowly all of the information avaliable on the band and build it like a puzzle until it's complete. However, CoB was a hollow article when I began working on it. X Japan, on the other hand, has a poorly written article already which fits with the Wikipedia standard for band articles. Lately I was really busy and unabler to work on anything on Wiki, but now things are slowing down. I sincerely believe that I can work on my articles now. If you feel like helping, be my guest. But this is going to be a BIG project. Extensive one, and I will spend as much time as it is necessary on it for it to be perfect. --Sn0wflake 16:55, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)